This blog explains how to tackle EACCES error in Android Q and above.


Developing for Android is an amazing experience for every mobile developer because of the ultra-active developer community improving it day by day and bringing new features. Almost every year we see a new android version released by Google through their event Google I/O. The most recently released stable version of android is the Android 10(Q) or API Level 29 as many devs call it.

While switching code to make it suited for the Android 10 running devices, one common error developers come across is Permission denied (EACCES)

Increasing Pollution — Digital Art on Wallup

This blog encircles my entire (initially enticing 😛) journey of starting off with android development and then moving on to develop my very first android application using Java.

I participated in Season of Code ‘2019 (SOC) which is an annual competition organized by our institute’s Mobile Development Group every year to recruit students from freshmen and sophomore year. Though I couldn’t make for unfortunate reasons but it was a fantastic journey overall and I learnt a lot.

Link to the final application in my GitHub repository: Lookout


The first task for us participants was to draft a proposal with an…

Error Page


This article tries to throw some light on (often ignored) cerr Object in C++. The ‘c’ in cerr means “character” and ‘err’ means “error”, hence cerr means “character error”.

It is defined in iostream header file and it corresponds to the C stream stderr. It has a very similar usage to the cout object (i.e. printing characters on the console during runtime) under the stream stdout.

The Difference

Even though the result of both cout and cerr is same, there is a very subtle difference between the two which we can find in the use-case of the above both streams.

Here a…

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passionate about badminton, code and I love my OnePlus 😇 :: Sophomore, IIT Roorkee

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